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If Jewish Mothers Created Facebook Surveys

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RULES: Answer with complete honesty. If you don’t, I’ll know. Don’t even think about lying to me.

***Right Now***

1. Where are you?

2. What are you doing?

3. Who are you with?

4. When are you getting back?

5. Do you have a jacket in case it gets cold?

6. What have you eaten today?

***The Future (it’s closer than you think, you know)***

1. What are you going to do with your life?

2. When are you having kids?

3. When are you eating next?

***Guilt trips***

1. When was the last time you even called your poor mother?

2. When was the last time you told her you love her?

3. Who spent 20 hours in labor giving birth to you?

4. Who cooked you all your meals?

5. Who put clothes on your back?

6. Do you even appreciate her?

7.  Don’t you think your mother must be lonely, sitting all alone by the phone, waiting to hear from you?

8. Where did she go wrong?

9. Why aren’t you more like Iris Leibowitz’s kid?

10. What is this I hear about you neglecting your studies?


Did I miss something? Write your own questions in the comments!


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I'm an aspiring comedy writer living in New Jersey. Please hire me.

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  1. Epic win!!! Also I hope you don’t mind. I submitted this page to StumbleUpon so others can stumble onto this wonderful wonderful thing!


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