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Why Being a Superhero Would Absolutely Suck (pt. 1)

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Reason #1: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

…and with great responsibility comes great criticism. Take, for instance, this guy: 


Right-wing, left-wing or chicken wing, you have to admit: the guy fucked up. A lot. Now, if he were, say, a cashier at Urban Outfitters and screwed up just as often, you wouldn’t know about it, because “Cashier Screws Up” isn’t exactly Times material. But when you’re a superhero, you’re… what’s that saying? 

“KIND of a big deal.”

So if you’re doing a rescue job and butcher it somehow, you’re going to hear about it, and you’re going to get some really bad press. Before you know it, Fox News will be interviewing douchebags who want nothing more than to smear your name.

(To be continued.)


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