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Fun with Broken English

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Ever translate something from English to another language and then back, just to see the awful English translation? Bad Translator does exactly that- to the extreme. It translates your choice of text from English to a foreign language, back to English, to another foreign language to English again- 10, 25, or 54 times. I decided to test it.

First I decided to start from simple to complex, starting from one word and adding another.

Text: “Mascara”

After 10 translations: “God vetulla”

After 25 translations: “Deloitte дляPaveque”

After 54 translations: “Comments”


Text: “Penile odor”

After 10 translations: “Penis smell”

After 25 translations: “Smell of chicken”

After 54 translations: “Like chicken”

Noteworthy additional translations: “Do you like chicken?” “You feel like chicken.”

Text: “Bestiality is glorious”

After 10 translations: “Delicious crimes”

After 25 translations: “Criminal delicious”

After 54 translations: “Crime”

Noteworthy additional translations: “Good detective,” “like a criminal”


Text: “Milk was a bad choice”

After 10 translations: “Milk is a good choice” (?!)

After 25 translations: “Milk is a good option”

After 54 translations: “Milk is a good choice” (So, basically, never trust food you ordered through a translator if you have food allergies. Lesson learned.)

 Then, I decided to just go nuts.

Text: “I just pooped so badly my anus bled. Then I went downstairs and took a fiber pill.”

After 10 translations: “So bad, I just give my dog droppings into the anus. Two bases of water, so the tablets and fiber.”

After 25 translations: “If wrong, I’m in the faeces of dogs in my years. There are two main themes of water, chips and fiber.”

After 54 translations: “Corruption, on the one hand, and my dog. The two main elements.” (Sounds Shakespearean.)


Text: “Oh baby, I want to get with you, and take your picture. My homeboys try to warn me, but that butt you’ve got makes me so horny.” (It seems like broken English as it is when Sir Mix-a-lot isn’t singing it.)

After 10 translations: “Hey, baby, want their pictures. My homeboys tried to protect her, but you so hot example.”

After 25 translations: “Hey, baby I want pictures. His brother tried to rescue, but hot and such.”

After 54 translations:  “Photos: Hi, honey, spread Lately, or rescue her sister.”

Noteworthy additional translations: “Photos: Hi, honey, orchids. Open or save her sister.”


Text: “I heard a rumor that all the Jewish people get together once a month and have secret meetings to decide what flavor Ben and Jerry’s will sell next.”

After 10 translations: “I have a question, all the Jews once a month and held secret meetings to determine the flavor and Jerry will be sold.”

After 25 translations: “Do you have a question, all Jews once a month, held a secret meeting was then sold and Jerry decided to taste.”

After 54 translations:  “Hey, but in each case to see Jerry sold monthly.”

Noteworthy additional translations: “All matters, the Jews, once a month to think and Jerry never met, offered for sale.”

Your turn! Do some bad translations and post them in the comments section.


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  1. “I want you to want me”
    after 10 translations: “I think you want.”
    After 25: I think so.
    After 54: How dare say
    Text: Malkatz is so awesome, she makes me want to JIZZ. IN. MY. PANTS.
    10: “Malkatz very cool, I finished. At. In the Middle East. Pants.”
    25:Malkatz very good, I did. In the Middle East. Pants.
    54:Because of the way the middle east malkatz
    Text: If drama were vodka, parts of people’s lives would be wasted.
    10:If vodka, 1 part of life, destruction of the drama
    25:”If vodka, a part of life, destruction of drama.”
    54:”The Dramatic failure of vodka.”
    Text: Ever translate something from English to another language and then back, just to see the awful English translation? Bad Translator does exactly that- to the extreme.
    10:”Suddenly, from other languages into English and vice versa, only the English translation for the first time? The translation is not entirely a bad World Health Organization as a whole.”
    25:”Suddenly, a second language is English, and vice versa, but in England for the first time? Translation is poor and the World Health Organization as a whole does not.”
    54:England will be Represented in the UK? World Health Organization and poverty.

  2. “If it wasn’t for date rape I’d never get laid ”

    …54 translations later we get:


    ._. I’m listening to Sublime.

  3. Bwahahaha, this thing is awesome.

    “Out from the night from the mists steps a figure, no one really knows his name for sure. He stands at six foot six, head and shoulders, pray he never comes knocking at your door.”

    10: “Night of the other, the necessary measures to make it understood, no one knows his name correctly. It is 6 feet 6 inches, shoulders and pray that it never played.”

    25: “Other measures are necessary to understand that nobody knows the right name Junction. 6, 6 inches, feet, shoulders, and I hope never.”

    54: “The official name of the second part, I was 66 centimeters, feet, spine, and I hope I do not know.”

    “I’ll find a day to massacre them all.”

    10: “You will find daily killings.”

    25: “You will find the day of slaughter.”

    54: “Death.”


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