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Internet People Say the Darndest Things: Herp-y birthday!

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I was bored on Facebook and saw it was one of my Facebook friends’ birthday. I didn’t know her personally, but  thought I would be nice and post something. I went on her profile and saw this gem on her wall.

Sometimes, I imagine Gina is a rather mean, bitter girl who posted this with not-so-friendly intentions. I can almost hear the sing-song saccharine sweetness in which it was written, just to ruin the birthday girl’s evening.

Other times, I imagine Gina is the birthday girl’s BFFAEAEAE who is simply too dumb to fathom what not to say on a public network. Regardless of why it was written, I was so distracted by it, I completely forgot to wish her a happy birthday. Oh well- it sounds like she got all the good presents last year, anyway.


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