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CONTEST: Write the Story Behind this Picture

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I saw this written on a dormitory wipe board Cinco de Mayo of last year (technically, it was 4 AM on 5/6, but I hadn’t slept yet, so I considered it Cinco de Mayo.) I originally intended to submit it to this blog, and still might, but completely forgot about it until I found it in my files five minutes ago. Whenever I see this image, I automatically invision a very detailed, very improbable story. I will post it soon, but before I do, I want to hear yours.

Is the dorm owner leaving, or have they left? Where are they going/where did they go? Why? Are they coming back?

Who is Gilly? Why are they claiming to be sorry? Is it this Gilly, who often claims to be sorry?

Is the apology insincere, since it is in quotes? 

Write an explanation in the comments section. I will post them in a follow-up post. Can’t wait to see your entries!


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I'm an aspiring comedy writer living in New Jersey. Please hire me.

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  1. Gilly is a pet fish who really misses his owner. He writes sorry because he died from not being fed by the neglectant owner. Mystery solved.


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