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If Fictional Characters Wrote Tell-All Books

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These were entries for a Cracked Photoshop contest. Unfortunately, they didn’t make the top 20, but I thought I’d share them with you.  Let me know if you enjoyed, or laughed at, any of them! Feel free to make your own and post them in the comment section. Also, please note I don’t own Photoshop- just MS Paint. Sigh.








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I'm an aspiring comedy writer living in New Jersey. Please hire me.

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  1. Just a quick good day and also to say thanks for writing your thinkings in this post. I somehow ended up here right after reading up on loads of celebrity physical fitness stuff over on Yahoo… guess I got sort of sidetracked! Well, I’m off and many thanks for stating your ideas. I’ll be back at some point to see your new blogposts. Thanks!


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