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If Inanimate Objects in Movies Were Secretly Alive

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This was last week’s Cracked Photoshop contest, as inspired by Toy Story 3.  We all had a really tough time with this one- how do you convey this without smiley faces or speech bubbles? Many entries did include cartoon faces and speech bubbles- mine being no exception, as you will see. I thought and thought for hours, even days, on end, trying to figure out a concept that has universal appeal, can be easily ‘shopped (or, in my case, MS Paint-ed, with a side of Picnik,) and does not need cartoon faces or speech bubbles. I finally thought of one, as you will see, and it paid off- out of over 250 entries, mine was ranked #14, and featured on the winners’ page for all the world to see. And, no, I did not win any money, and will not take you out to dinner.

Please comment with your thoughts!

And the entry that made mama proud…


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  1. The first, third, and fifth ones killed me! XD

  2. oh wow, && you should at least take the feather to dinner

    • Pfft- for what? Not getting me money? If it were somehow thirteen ranks better (#1,) it could have gotten a nice lobster dinner- but that’s what happens when you slack off.

      Sorry, feather, no dinner for you- enjoy your days following Forrest Jr. and his checker-wearing father.


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