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Lenny Kravitz: An In-Depth Analysis

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It is time I publicize a long-standing theory of mine- one that has been in the back of my mind, but never shared, since October 2001. 

No, it is not a 9/11 conspiracy theory… but one relating to Lenny Kravitz- he of the pierced nipples and inappropriately Jewish name.

You may recall Lenny’s single, “Dig In.”

What you may not recall is sitting for hours, trying to interpret the lyrics- that’s because you didn’t. Now you may want to- but I will spare you the work.

It’s about pooping.

This fact is evidenced by the following:

The lyrics are vague and unmeaningful. They have a general “carpe diem” message, but can be interpreted to be about sex, drugs, online shopping, or anything you’d like… until this line:

“And once you dig in, you’ll find it coming out the other side.”

This line makes it clear that the message is, in fact, “carpe di M&Ms.”

Yes, it is true- Lenny Kravitz writes shitty lyrics.


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