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Themeleon and Twitter: Anti-Semites, or Just Morons?

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A few weeks ago, I looked at my Twitter page and realized I am tired of my layout. I went see what backgrounds Twitter offers, and noticed that the official design page on Twitter linked to Themeleon, a great site by Colour Lovers with tons of options for backgrounds, that also allows you to customize the color schemes.

I was enjoying looking through the options- many of which are very cute- and then came across this one:

Lovely! In case you’re a bit slow, the layout in this color scheme might ring a bell.

And, no, I’m not just making shit up… if you want proof this background does, in fact, exist, click the link to Themeleon (it opens in a new window,) scroll down, look at the Templates menu and click the right arrow button twenty one times. Click the second option, and… Heil Hitler!

I know I’m not exactly Gabby Goyim- I’m a Jewish girl, with over a decade’s worth of Jewish education, living in an area that is unproportionately Jewish- but it seems odd to me that, in this day and age, anyone could digitally create a swastika, make it the correct size and publish it without, y’know, realizing it’s a swastika.

Furthermore, how in the world did this go unnoticed?!

I’m not trying to sell you the idea that Colour Lovers, Themeleon- or Twitter, who clearly endorses the site enough to link to it, rather than any one of the many other Twitter background sites-have an agenda against Jews, Israel, or bagels and lox, but come on. If Twitter- one of the most successful sites out there- chose to give a site endless amounts of publicity, shouldn’t they have checked it out first?

Should they not have browsed it just to make sure that it didn’t choose to offer, I don’t know, an icon synonymous with over ten million deaths- so reviled, it has been outlawed in certain areas, and its presence can be labelled a hate crime? Just an example.

And don’t give me that crap about swastikas meaning good luck in ancient cultures… “faggot” means cigarette in Europe, but when you call your co-worker one, your boss isn’t going to assume you meant tobacco.

I’m not entirely offended- I’m not sure I should be. I am not dumb enough to believe no one has a hatred of the Jews on par with Hitler, but I almost refuse to believe that anyone would be stupid enough to think the majority of Twitter users would agree with them. I doubt Colour Lovers consists of an isolated group of Nazis so unaware of the outside world they think a swastika will be noncontroversial, and a hit. I doubt Twitter would knowingly endorse anti-Semetic imagery. I’m not saying there was any anti-Semetism involved… but I’m not saying there wasn’t, either. This was once a blank canvas- each line was designed, each angle was thought out, and, eventually approved. The image made the journey from a blank Photoshop window to an option on Themeleon, and, like I said, I truly can not imagine any group of people who could watch this process and never stop it to state that the image on the screen was, in fact, the Nazi version of a mascot.

Unless you count Third Reich Riley!

But, no, I am not in the business of accusing, rumor-mongering, and conspiracy starting- I am in the business of making fun of people. So, here you go- Twitter and Themeleon are this dumb. To add insult to injury, I will note that I actually pointed this out to them via Twitter, and, not only did they not respond, they didn’t even bother to quietly delete the layout and act like it never happened.

And, so, I award Colour Lovers, Themeleon, and Twitter with the modern equivalent of a dunce cap… with a little scandal on the side.

What do you think? Am I taking this too lightly? Should I be outraged? Am I taking this too seriously? Is it just, like Chris-Chan says, a four-boomerang-shaped symbol? Voice your opinions in the comment section!

EDIT: In response to the claims the image is a cross (see comments section,) it is still only the outline of the shape that is changed- it is a hollow shape, not a solid- thus still having the illusion of a swastika. So, even if the image is not a swastika, it sure as hell looks like one!


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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s a cross.

  2. No-one in Europe calls a cigarette a faggot. A fag, sure, but not a faggot. That would just be wierd.


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