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Misleading Movie Summaries

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…or, How to Make a Movie Sound like a Different Genre without changing the plot.

The Hangover

When a group of unsuspecting tourists are drugged, they wake up to discover their best friend has vanished. During their journey to find him, the men bond over conversations about such topics as the Holocaust, 9/11, rape and the tragedy of death.

Billy Madison

A man, desperate to earn the approval of his father, and prove he can handle the family business, re-educates himself, and, along the way, makes amends with a former classmate, becomes a mentor for children, and learns how to love.


The Wizard of Oz

In a young girl’s fantasy, she is transported to another world, where she immediately commits murder, which pleases the locals. She then teams up with three accomplices in order to kill the victim’s sister before she returns home.


…more to come. Write your own, or request a new misleading summary, in the comments section!


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I'm an aspiring comedy writer living in New Jersey. Please hire me.

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  1. I’d like to see what you come up with for these 5:

    Harry Potter
    Dude Where’s my Car?
    The Little Mermaid

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