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If Movie Titles Were Honest

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This was last week’s Cracked Photoshop contest. I will warn you ahead of time… I went kind of overboard on this one. I was desperate to make a good one, because I did not make the winners’ page last week. It is funny, then, that the very first entry I submitted ended up on the page, but none of the others did. There were about 550 entries, and I made it to #10. Yay!

Anyway, most of these are crap, but if you enjoy any of them, or want to say what you would have made for the contest, let me know in the comments section!

Click the thumbnails for larger versions.

Alternate version of this joke here:

This one looked a lot better, then I saved and uploaded it, and now it looks like crap:

There is an alternate version of this one here:


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  1. Love “Steam Punk: The Movie”, “See, We’re not racist”, “Hamlet: The Furry addition” and The Lord of the rings one.


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