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More Tweets, Less Filling— Tweets of the Week

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My Twitter highlights from 9/22- 9/29.

Don’t follow me on Twitter? What are you waiting for?!

I included links to each tweet (all of them open in a new window) in case you want to share, favorite, or RT.

These are in semi-reverse chronological order, not ranking order, so your favorite may be in the middle or end.

“Scientific fact: Emotional eating does not lead to weight gain. On that note, I’m making brownies.” (link)

“My town is building an environmental park on top of what used to be a toxic waste dump. #onlyinNewJersey(link)

 “Just saw a Subway and all the letters were out except for ‘AY.’ #iftonydanzahadasandwichjoint(link)

“Spotted: guy wearing an ‘I love boobies!’ bracelet. It probably isn’t a good sign when you need to wear things to prove you’re straight.” (link)    (NOTE: yes, I have since learned this is from a breast cancer charity.)

“Anyone ever notice Michelle Rodriguez’s entire career is looking pissed off in a uniform?” (link)

“You’re so vain, I bet you think this tweet is about you.” (link)


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