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Digital Artist? The Katz Meow needs you!

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Here’s the dealio.

I am planning to sell funny shirts through the blog, and have many ideas for shirts that require specific images.  I need clean, bold pictures with transparent backgrounds (I don’t have the software to do this.)

Here are some images I need:

  • a black/white line drawing of Reagan winking and smiling. (Winking is not an absolute requirement, but I would like it.)
  • a drunken Santa Claus, hunched over, looking intoxicated and holding a bottle. Full color please! Drunken bubbles would be great.
  • a tough-looking gangsta toddler. No specific positions, but arms crossed would be great.
  • colorful maracas- preferably small “shake” marks. Only two are necessary.

I can not pay at the moment, but I will provide free shirts to anyone who helps their design, and will pay when the shirts start selling.

Anyone who is interested, please comment on this post with an email address, or some form of contact. If you are not comfortable disclosing  contact info, please comment and I will arrange a way for us to speak.

Thanks a bunch! 🙂


About malkatz

I'm an aspiring comedy writer living in New Jersey. Please hire me.

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