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EXCLUSIVE! First look at The Bloodhound Gang’s New Single!

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As you know, I am a fan of The Bloodhound Gang. As you also know, I am a fan of imitating other peoples’ writing styles.  So, today,  with my extensive, bordering on creepy knowledge of the Bloodhound Gang, I present to you a verse from “There’s a First Time for Everything,” the Bloodhound Gang’s new, never-to-be-released single, about… well, you’ll see. Jimmy Pop, if you’re reading this, I’m single and I have DDs. Call me.

Well, they call me Jimmy Pop, and I’m gonna pop your cherry

Yes, I’m gonna make your day just like in Dirty Harry,

‘Cause the only girls with cherries should be in casinos,

or be in Walmart after dark, or look like Al Pacino

Yes, I’m gonna take it all, just like Bernie Madoff

What you’re wearing is a rocket, and it’s time for take off

And I’m gonna make you spill, just like BP oil

Gonna make you feel so dirty, you will think you’re soil


Chorus: There’s a first time for everything, and now’s your time. This will be the first time for your thing, yeah, last week was mine.


Bloodhound Gang Lyrics… as Portrayed by Britney Spears

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“Mama Say” 


“I Wish I was Queer (So I Could Get Chicks)”


“Yummy Down on This”